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I was at first very excited to hear about the Stadium Screening Committee and to have an opportunity to present my idea. A similar design competition for the World Trade Center 9-11 Memorial generated over five thousand replies, so I was excited to present my ideas.  Upon downloading the application from the Stadium Screening Committee's web site, my excitement ended when I carefully read the Certification and Waiver. It stated, “Respondent waives any copyright or any other claim of propriety, right of control, or limitation of use in relation to the information submitted.” To submit my drawings, I would have to sign my rights away for all of my work and dreaming. 

If I was a land developer, a city, or a team, signing my rights away for my Architect’s drawings would not be possible because the Architect retains the copyright. In November 2005, I sent the attached drawings to the US copyright office and received copyright certificates on April 3, 2006. I believe that land owners and developers have rights to their land. Team owners have rights to their team. Inventors, Architects and designers have rights to there ideas.

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